Upcoming Works

Jacelin McCormicks upcoming novel Life of a Mysterious Panther is set in 1920’s London where magic abounds. Eighteen year old Kimmora Pantier and her cousins discover Pandora’s Box and are swept up in a mystery to discover what it means when they find out Kimmora is the prophesized Descendant of their bloodline. Kimmora finds herself travelling through time and reliving her past lives which are historical, mythological and legendary figures searching for clues to solve the mystery of the Descendant. She finds herself torn in love when she cannot choose between the newly turned vampire, as well as royal French count Adrian and her time travelling soul mate Travis. Just as Kimmora immerses herself deeper into the mystery a new threat looms on the horizon and may cost her life.

Jacelin McCormick is writing a biography of Rose Bertin the first fashion designer and celebrity stylist. She has researched memoirs, biographies, and various sources to shed light on the life of Rose Bertin. This fascinating figure along with her most illustrious client Marie Antoinette has been seen as responsible by some for causing the French Revolution due to her encouragement of the extravagance of Marie Antoinette.


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