Walks Through Marie Antoinette’s Paris Book Review

walks through marie antoinettes paris

Walks Through Marie Antoinette’s Paris by Diana Reid Haig is a meticulously researched portrait of Marie Antoinette the queen of France. The book begins with Marie Antoinette’s arrival to the court of Louis XV as the dauphine of France. This book is perfect for traveling through Paris if you would like to tour some of the locations Marie Antoinette herself has travelled to. There are lovely pictures and maps in the book as well.  I have read many books on Marie Antoinette and this book is full of lovely new facts about her that I have never read anywhere else. There is also some good information about her fashion designer and stylist Rose Bertin.

Here is an excerpt from the book concerning Rose Bertin:

“Marie Antoinette never officially named a “Minister of Fashion” but Rose Bertin (1747-1813), the queen’s dressmaker for 20 years, wielded tremendous influence and created dozens of styles copied throughout Europe. Although Marie Antoinette employed other great dressmakers, such as Madame Eloffe, who supplied bodices and everyday frocks, Mademoiselle Rose, as Bertin was known, created almost all of the queen’s court dresses, including many immortalized in celebrated portraits.”

This book is excellent and I highly recommend it!


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