Disney’s Descendants Movie Review

Blog Post the Descendants

Disney’s Descendants is filled with stunning performances, fabulous fashions and is full of action. The movie features the children of Disney villains including Malificent’s daughter Mal, Cruella de Vil’s son Carlos, Jafar’s son Jay and the evil queen’s daughter Evie.

Meanwhile in the United States of Auradon Beauty and the Beasts’ son, Ben, is about to become king of Auradon. At his proclamation he declares that the children of the most notorious villains will be allowed to attend school in Auradon and leave the Isle of the Lost which is surrounded by a magical barrier where villains have been banished.

The villains scheme a plan to obtain power in Auradon and it involves stealing Cinderella’s fairy godmother’s magical wand. The children of the villains must decide whether or not to follow through with their parents plans and Mal must choose between true love and the path of evil. This movie is excellent, I highly recommend it! It is available on google play.

blog the descendants mal


blog post the descendants evie


blog the descendants carlos


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